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Keep it up - a unique perspective on Cardiff! Cardiff terrifies me alright - but I live in Brecon.
Went to the New Theatre Cardiff a few months ago to see the 'King and I' and as they sang 'Getting to know you' you could just about hear the police sirens in outside world. When we left the theatre there were thousands of young offenders/people all milling around ominously like a scene in Alfred Hitchcocks 'Birds'. There was a queue at the car park ticket machine and as we waited to pay the exhorbitant fee one of the young offenders detached himself from the herd scurried up to the head of the queue and urinated in the corner before resuming his position with the pack.
The police were nowhere to be seen of course and presumably the sound of sirens during the performance was them heading for some chip shop in the quiet suburbs to spend the rest of their shift in peace. I did see a couple of 12 year olds dressed as policemen but I think they must have been to a late party - I didnt know how they would get on at school the next day.

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